We will provide you with an API interface for all the data and functions required for the booking and counseling of travel services for your target group-oriented B2B/B2C frontends. Develop your own hotel, flight or holiday portal with the  API. Themed categorizations and access points bring exciting holiday worlds in the focus of your online customers. API license includes application Smart for booking administration, price comparition and analytics. 

Documentation for the API is available on the following link



We test it together with you to make sure everyting works as it should.


We give you full support by integration


You do not have to pay license fee during project planning.


from 250 EUR / month*

*Minimum contract duration 2 years
* Onetime setup fee 590 EUR

* no booking fee

Feel free to contact us for more information about API usage at sales@ors.si

T: +386 2 654 02 40

E: sales@ors.si

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