We are connecting various travel data (tour operators, accommodation providers, service providers,..) into a single database acting as an unique travel HUB. Our costumers can access this data via an API or reservation system Smart . With take special care for quality of the data. We use special mapping/quality tool to identify incorrect and duplicated sets of data.

Know that crazy feeling? You have problems with a customer because they cannot find the hotel they are looking for? Incorrect hotel mappings can be a real threat for a business. We make sure by converting supplier data we go deep and make sure there are no such errors.

And make sure supplier interface is connected as it should be to provide more revenue by making more bookings. 

We take the word Booking very seriously.

Via our travel HUB you are directly connected to our own network of more than 400 costumers from local markets. Take a look at supplier section for more information.

At the present time there are more than 400 local market licenses of our products (Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Italian travel agencies with expansion in other parts of Europe). 


Our product range covers all types of travel booking. The product range extends from software solutions for travel agencies, as well as software for internet distribution, all the way to interfaces for individual connections to the travel distributors and customized solutions for tour operators.

We have more than 15 years of experiences in Travel-IT solutions. We started als pioneers by connecting slovenian tour operators in a single database and offering travel agencies to book them in a single system. Take a look at our timeline to know us better.

Our mission is to connect as many as possible travel suppliers into a single database and connect them into right distribution channels.